For the purpose of this index, we have defined the green ecosystem as being an open system of market actors from a broad range of sectors that interact in order to supply alternative processes and solutions to existing market challenges with a strong focus on creating more ecologically sustainable outputs. While the primary focus is ecological (aka green), the index also considers social factors like diversity and inclusion.
The index only analyses commercial companies. In order to create a balanced point of view and mirror the current status of the market, with natively green companies and companies that are transitioning from a non-green legacy, we have selected several large scale industries (banking, mobility, insurance etc) that also allows for international comparison.
Companies in the green ecosystems can be:
Transitioning companies come from a non-green legacy, but are putting in the efforts to initiate and maintain a transition.

Examples: TotalEnergies or Volkswagen
Green native
Green native companies are businesses that have had a green purpose since day one.

Examples: BlablaCar or Backmarket